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Solid CBN insert



The solid CBN inserts is also called full CBN inserts with CBN full form, sintered with micron CBN powder and bond material by powder metallurgy process, . Comparing to the conventional tipped CBN inserts, full CBN is much easy to press and form, it means lower production cost. On the other hand, they can offer more cutting edges for per insert to decease unit cutting cost.






(1) High hardness and wear resistance:

It's microhardness of single crystal is HV8000~9000, which is the second highest hardness material known at present. 

(2) High thermal stability and high temperature hardness:
It's heat resistance can reach 1400 ~ 1500 ℃, and its hardness at 800 ℃ is the normal temperature hardness of Al2O3/TiC ceramics.

(3) High chemical stability

It has high anti-oxidation ability, does not produce oxidation phenomenon at 1000 ℃, and does not chemically react with iron-based materials at 1200-1300 ℃.

(4) Good thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient

Machining advantages of solid CBN turning inserts:

(1)Harded steel turning ( HRC50-68) with high cutting data. 

Solid CBN inserts for hard turning is the typical application, such as machining for high-manganese steel, high-speed steel, hardened steel, etc. The typical parts include rolling mortar wall, high-speed steel roll, hardened gear/gear shaft, bearing, ball screw , mold and so on. ( Please refer to the below video No.1 for " solid CBN inserts for hard turning")

Most importantly, this new application can replace grinding:

  •  The cost of hard turning with full CBN insert is only 1/4 of the grinding cost;

  • It will not be required with a special tool, special machine tools and fixtures.

  •  Compared to grinding process, hard turning with solid CBN insert is highly productive and can save a lot of machining time.


The machining size can be controlled within +/- 0.01mm, and the roughness can be controlled within Ra can reduce the investment in purchasing machine tools, and can complete the finishing of all profiles in one clamping, which shortens the machining cycle time. Also NO cutting fluid required, cutting energy saving and environmental protection. With the price reducing

of solid CBN materials,  Hard turning with solid CBN insert is widely used in the processing of gear and bearing industries to replace grinding.

(2) High feed speed with big cutting depth for grey cast iron machining:

Vc up to 1000m/min, and cut depth up to 4mm when machining grey cast iron( GG25 or GG30).such as engine block/cylinder head, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, clutch pressure plate, etc. ( Please refer to the below video No.2 for " RMC50 milling cutter for gearbox with solid CBN inserts" )

(3) Other difficult-to-machine materials:

Such as high hardness cast iron, powder metallurgy, superalloy materials, and nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based and other high-hardness surfacing/spray welding/laser cladding/thermal spraying material workpieces, Solid CBN inserts are good solution for them with longer tool life. ( Please refer to the below video No.3 for " roller machining with Solid CBN inserts")


The performance advantages of solid CBN tools?

What is Solid CBN?

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What materials are CBN Inserts suitable for machining?You may find details on our Blog.ToolingBox offers different Solid CBN material grades to machining different workpiece materials with different hardness. All inserts are ISO standard, also we can produce special insert according to customer's requirement.

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