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PCBN Turning Inserts

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a synthetic crystalline material that is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. It is structurally analogous to diamond too, with a complex cubic/sphalerite structure composed of interpenetrating face-centred cubic lattices. 3 times harder than Tungsten carbide, moreover having features of strong heat-resistance and high thermal conductivity. However, less tough characteristic of CBN often causes chipping of tool edge easily. Accordingly, PCBN is recommended for finishing of hard materials with less cutting load on the tool edge, which can guarantees extra-long tool life.​

Focusing on revolutionary technological innovation on CBN micro-nano materials, composites and cutting tool application, and advanced controlling and manufacturing process, ToolingBox is able to develop and manufacture the most consistent high-quality PCBN solid inserts with high impact resistance, more economical double-layer inserts and brazed solid CBN inserts, super finishing single-layer inserts and inserts with cutting-edge tipped techniques. It fully meets the requirements of wear resistance, impact resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability of metal machining.

Our PCBN turning inserts are widely used in processing pearlitic cast iron, high chromium and nickel alloy cast iron, hardened steel, powder metal, hard alloy and super alloy. In the mechanical machining application of the traditional system, not only it has greatly reduced the comprehensive production cost, but also significantly improved the production capacity and efficiency during the whole production operation, and the equipment investment is greatly decreased at the same time.

  • Excellent cost performance

The service life of ToolingBox CBN insert can be more than 10 times that of carbide insert and reduce the cost of comprehensive cutting tool by 30%-50%. The interval time between the replacements of ToolingBox CBN insert is long and the insert replacement frequency is less, which can significantly reduce the cost on inserts.

  • High machining efficiency

The machining efficiency of ToolingBox CBN tool inserts are 5-10 times that of the carbide insert, which greatly improves the equipment capacity and reduces the fixed investment of equipment.

  • Excellent surface quality

Surface finish and dimensional precision of machining workpiece of ToolingBox PCBN insert can reach the grinding level, and make turning instead of grinding to reduce equipment investment.

  • Applicable to a variety of materials

ToolingBox PCBN turning inserts can be used for both dry cutting and wet cutting and one grade normally is suitable for machining a variety of materials.

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