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Carbide Inserts for Wood Planer and Turning Tools:

ToolingBox can offers high-quality carbide cutter inserts for easy wood tools. We produce all kind of sizes including shapes of square, round, square rounded, rounded square, rounded corners square and diamond sharped carbide inserts fitting to different application. This type of indexable carbide inserts are mainly used for handheld woodturning Lathe.


Also ToolingBox can produce a big selection of carbide indexable insert knives for planers and jointers. In this category, you will find many different tungsten steel inserts sets for portable machines, sorted by dimensions. Many of these woodcutter tool and blade work for several different machines, including porter cable jointer, jet jointer and powermatic jointer etc. Each set is indicated with dimensions which you should compare with the actual dimensions of your old blades.

These wood cutter greatly cut noise, reduce dust and chips, and cut down labor and material costs for your business. Also it is interchangeable replacement, makes carbide insert tooling rather than traditional straight knives installed in the cutterhead. Widely used with planer, moulder, shaper or jointer, edgebanders, etc.

ToolingBox Indexable Carbide Knives Properties:
1. Wear resistance with high toughness:

Resulting in increased tool life, reduction in number of tool changes, reduced grinding and lower production costs.
2. Resistant to corrosion:

protection against chemical influences such as resin
3. Resistant to oxidation:

protection against thermal influences
4. Resistant to abrasion:

protection against mechanical wear

The Features of ToolingBox wood and metal Cutter :
1. Suitable for cutting HDF, MDF, Solid Wood, Soft Wood etc
2. Strong and sharp cutting edge
3. Smooth planing 
4. 100% virgin tungsten carbide
5. Large stock available
6. Less noise



The applications of Carbide Reversible Knives :

  • They can be used on mostly woodworking machineries.

  • Suitable for different cutting heads and wood chipper machine spiral planning cutter, such as groove cutter, multi-function cutter, planing cutter and spindle moulder and so on, for cutting, grooving and rebating with a long life time.

  • Best performance in both hardwood and softwood machining for rougher or finisher. 

If you need any special replacement carbide tips for lathe tools or planers and jointers with tungsten carbide material, just free to inquire us.

Titanium Coated carbide inserts for woodworking-min.jpg
If you are interested on our carbide blade, you can visit our Online Store, or  Get a Quote for B2B inquiry.
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