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2010    Foundation by Mr Haoxiang Xu&Mr. Huidong Yuan.


2010    Start of the trading business for cutting tools with 5 employees.


2012    Start of the own grinding machine to produce Solid CBN inserts in Yanjiao town, Beijing.


2013    Export quota of solid CBN products reached 50% for the first time.


2015    Establish a joint venture company in Chengdu city to produce carbide products for metalworking and woodworking



2016    Purchase company shares in Zhengzhou, Henan province for solid CBN production and move solid CBN production line to

            Zhengzhou city.


2016    Export quota of solid CBN products and carbide products reached 80%.


2017    Reorganization of the sales system, set up operation centre in Changsha city, Hunan province.

2019    Increased new production line for carbide inserts in Zhuzhou city

2021    Online e-commerce store www. was opened to enlarge B2C market

2022    Set up ToolingBox( Hong Kong) Technology Co.,Limited to better develop overseas markets

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